Kinesiology, Reiki and facilitation of the Transformation game

Born in Victoria, Alison lived in Melbourne for many years where she trained as a nurse and midwife. After moving to far north Qld in 1997 she worked as a midwife on Thursday Island for three months, and then as a remote area nurse at Lockhart River. Alison has worked in city hospitals and regional centres, and spent six months with the Red Cross training local midwives in Afghanistan in 2000. She worked as a child health nurse in the small communities in and around Cairns until 2008.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001 Alison met her Reiki Master, who led her through the journey of Reiki, from Level 1 in 2002 to achieving the level of Master in 2006.

Breast cancer was the catalyst for great searching and learning, leading Alison to deep self-reflection and exploration of her ‘inner demons’ (supressed beliefs, patterns and memories that get stuck in our energy system). Alison learned, through many different therapies and experiences, that once the torch is shone onto the fearful places and the work is done, fear transforms into wisdom and becomes an ally for our onward journey.

Meditation has been a valuable part of that journey. It is a great tool for bringing balance, peace and clarity to the busy mind. Alison has taught meditation and visualisation practices, and attended meditation retreats and courses.

Alison’s strong medical background has provided an excellent foundation for exploring the healing arts in the form of Kinesiology, Reiki, Archetype readings and facilitation of the Transformation game, a dynamic experiential game of self-discovery. Alison relocated to the Sunshine Coast after a two-month journey through Peru. Alison studied Certificate 4, Kinesiology in 2015, and completed her Diploma of Kinesiology in 2019 through NK Institute.

Kinesiology has always been a passion for Alison. It has proven itself to be an excellent tool for self-exploration, stress release and balancing mental, emotional and physical issues. By gently bringing awareness to our patterns, beliefs and behaviour, it allows what has been hidden to become revealed, and directs us in our own unique healing journey. Alison loves the gentle, non-invasive way Kinesiology brings awareness and healing to any issue we bring to the table. At the very least the session will bring balance and relaxation to your day.


Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes

Carl Gustav Jung