Transformation Game

A dynamic experiential game of self-discovery.

The Transformation Game is a dynamic experiential game of self-discovery. It was originally developed by Joy Drake and Kathy Tyler at the Findhorn Foundation in north-east Scotland. The Findhorn community was established in 1962 by Peter and Eileen Caddy, and Dorothy Maclean.

The Transformation Game is a board game that is played with 2-4 people. It provides the opportunity to move gracefully to the heart of any issue, bringing insight, clarity and resolution. It can assist with gaining insight into current and past life issues, or hindrances that may prevent you from achieving your goals or moving forward in life.

You come to the game with a well-thought-out question. Throughout the process you will be surprised at the clarity that emerges. This arises from the sharing that occurs during the game, and discovering your own answers as the game unfolds with the ‘insight’ or ‘setback’ cards, as well as the ‘Angel’ cards that bring blessings to all. It is an enjoyable way of having a profound experience.

The Game moves you through physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels as you become conscious of what has previously resided in your unconscious.

Allow a whole day to journey with the other participants. Regular breaks are factored in and you will be asked to bring lunch to share. Alison provides morning and afternoon tea, snacks and beverages.


Create miracles in your life!
Trade pain for awareness
Verify your intuition
Get to know your ‘Guardian Angel’!

 The Transformation Game, second edition