I am extremely grateful to have had Alison as a Reiki practitioner, my teacher for Reiki 1 and 2 courses, as well as facilitator of the transformation game.  Alison’s wisdom, compassion, intuition, understanding and gentle guidance profoundly helped me to heal and transform many areas of my life physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I now feel stronger, clearer, happier and more fulfilled.   Thank you very much, Alison.  You have and you are a real gift.

Robin, Kuranda (Cairns)


Alison has a gentle, caring and supportive way of being that helped me along a journey of 4 sessions with outstanding results. Alison is one kinesiologist I would highly recommend.

Claudia, Sunshine Coast


The nature of Alison’s sessions are so relaxed and easy. I had a problem in my (left) foot…and felt the improvement in my foot almost instantly. I liked the relaxation and calm movement.

Lucas, Sunshine Coast


I’d recommend a course of treatments with Alison to anyone who wants to make a significant shift in their physical, emotional or mental lives.  Sharper thinking, clearer mind  and I found myself more focussed and clear on important issue.

Tom Poland, Sunshine Coast


I played the Transformation Game and it gave me the clarity I needed for the year ahead. I felt safe in the group to explore areas I was not aware of and Alison’s support and guidance led me gently to all the places I needed to go to answer my question. Thank you Alison

Claudia, Sunshine Coast


The archetype reading is a way of delving below your surface, to look at patterns of behaviour and attitudes, and to give you insight and direction to make positive changes in your life. Alison is an experienced and intuitive facilitator whose feedback and guidance was very valuable.



Last year I had an archetype reading with Alison Story…I found it to be gentle, honest and healing. Learning to recognise the 12 archetypes and how they are operating in my life at the present time has allowed me to benefit from their energies and also learn where in my life I am blocking myself, and not allowing my wisdom through. I would recommend an archetype reading from Alison for anyone wishing to learn more of themselves and their life lessons, heal themselves or just maximise their energies and potential.



Gave me the time, space and structure to look at various aspects of life and helped me address some things that were niggling at the back of my mind but that I had not attended to but needed to.


Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes

Carl Gustav Jung