A simple, non-invasive and relaxing form of stress release

Kinesiology is a simple, non-invasive and relaxing form of stress release. Muscle testing is used to identify the source of physical, emotional or mental stress. The Kinesiologist uses a number of techniques to release stress that arises during the session.

Kinesiology bypasses the conscious mind, allowing the body to reveal where correction and balance are required. The client may be unaware of the cause of the stress, but notices it in varying symptoms of unwellness.

Kinesiology can have a positive effect on a wide array of conditions, ranging from physical ailments to emotional or mental stress. Working with an issue, Kinesiology enables the person to achieve clarity and insight into what may be causing or contributing to their issue.

Kinesiology draws on western principles of anatomy, physiology and psychology, working with the Chinese medicine knowledge and understanding of chakras, meridians/acupoints and energy flow.

Everything you need to know is within you.
Listen. Feel. Trust the body’s wisdom.

Dan Millman